The first Oroboron release is a patchwork of tape loops that grow, hiss and fade, only to reappear again and again in different arrangements. The sounds bounce around in vast echo chambers, waxing and waning on a churning sea of feedback and surface noise.

“(…) manages to straddle the usually at-odds noise and ambient zones with a refreshing ease.” – FACTmag

1. Arc Light Corridor (4:00)

2. Waterfront Veils (1:15)

3. Trace Inside (3:45)

4. Inland Sea (3:35)

5. Onde (3:27)

6. Island (3:51)

Download flac – vbr mp3 – bandcamp – press sheet

released 30 April 2013
performance, recording, mixing by Thomas De Bauw

Creative Commons License